The most classical (and unoriginal) question you should expect the minute you decide to pursue medicine: Why do you want to study medicine?

The most clichéd (just another way of saying unoriginal) way  one can answer this: I’ve been fascinated by medicine since a young age…

Ummmm, CRINGE! But- I was obstinate enough to use this starter in my personal statement anyway. Although in hindsight, I can see how risky it was for me- I mean for all I know those university admissioners could have laughed at it over tea break and chucked my whole application in the nearest bin. However, I think I pulled it off quite nicely by combining that clichéd saying with the accident of correctly “diagnosing” my friend’s hives at the time (which deserves a post in its own right).

Thank God, it all worked out in the end as I had gotten the much anticipated interviews. I think it was the ridicule, of linking the most mundane phrase in the history of medical personal statements with the comical idea that it was inspired by something as unattractive as the image of hives, that’s persuaded those admissioners just to give this strange girl a go.

This is the start of my journey to becoming a medic. I hope to document all the joy, pain, experience gained and personal growth in this blog. You’re invited on this journey with me…


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