Since September 2014, life has been resolving around nothing but getting into medical school. I’ve slaved after my personal statement trying to ‘please’everyone I’ve shown it to, only to disappointment myself for about half a million times. I’ve tried to study for the gruesome BMAT (only to find out the time I’ve spent in attending a booster session which costed £150 was a complete waste of time) whilst making sure that I’m not slagging behind everyone else in my A-level study. The occasional break-downs and the panic attack a week prior to my interview- things like these have all left some interesting trails in my monotonous life that’s all about securing a place in medical schools.
Ahem, wait a sec, “medical schools”?! as if getting into ONE is easy?! Okay, I was guilty of this big-headedness until reality hit me hard: don’t pride yourself without seeing the whole picture! With the competition coming from thousands of academic elites across the nation, Know-It-Alls with pages of work experience and the confident aura radiating from postgraduates already with the experience of uni, it now hardly seems possible that I have under my belt the offer from one of the most prestigious uni in the UK: I’M GOING TO IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON.

So this is the start of the medic dream. And now let’s go back to revising for my Biology mock…


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