How to study effectively?

Long time no see, my internet friends! In the UK, A-level results came out on the 13th August and I am so relieved to have got the grades that I needed for medical school. As it is now back to school/college/university season, I thought what better subjects to include in this blog post other than “how to study effectively?” So, here we go…

Tip Number One: Know Your Body Clock

Forget about all the researches that tell you “it has been scientifically proven that studying in the morning help you to consolidate your knowledge blah blah blah…” IGNORE THOSE! What you need to do is to figure out what time you feel most awake and most productive and make those time frame you study time. Make sure you study at the same time everyday and gradually it will become a habit→25% of the way to success.

Tip Number 2: Have A Busy Schedule 

I know this might sound counter-intuitive, after all, the busier you are the less time you have to study right? The thing is the more free time you’ve got on your hands, the more likely that you will be hooked on PLL on netflix right? So go get yourself a part-time job, join some sports club or even do some volunteering. Even though you end up with less time, you are most likely to be more efficient because you know you have to get your work done because there is not going to be 25 hours in a day→ 50% of the way to success.

Tip Number 3: Avoid Distraction

This is the most important tip I will today and it is weighted the most out of all the tips. Distractions are EVERYWHERE: little siblings, mums calling you to do chores and phones, phones, phones!! It’s so frustrating when a phone is a handful but it takes up a mindful (I’m proud to make that rhyme even though it lacks in sense). Here’s what you are going to do: set a timer, you can start from the shortest amount of time possible, say 10 minutes. Then within that time frame, you are gonna get your heads down and avoid everything apart from that book/revision notes in front of you. Once the timer stops, you can reward yourself 2 minutes of FB. Over time, you can increase the time on the timer and keep building it up→ 100% success

Hope you have a really nice academic year ahead of you and oh, if you have got any questions on medicine applications in the UK, please leave me a comment 🙂


I worth much more the number on the scale

At 7:30 am, I was furiously peddling on a spinner to the rhythm of “I Gotta Feeling”. Sweat is dripping profusely down my cheeks and I was aware that a wet patch was beginning to show through my grey top (not a brilliant choice for gym wear by the way). My thighs were burning in hell but nothing could compare to the immense pleasure of seeing the calories counter going up.

Yet again, I have become frustrated that the scale is not pointing at the number I would like to see. Weight problem was once my biggest issue. Insensitivity of people commenting on my baby-fats when I was growing up (which is a profound understatement considering the scale of this problem in society) has planted this idea in me that if I was to be accepted by society, if I was not to be seen as a joke, then I need to be a certain number on the scale. So at the age of 13, I practically starved myself to get to my “ideal” weight. In the space of 8 months, I lost nearly 2 stone.

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Since September 2014, life has been resolving around nothing but getting into medical school. I’ve slaved after my personal statement trying to ‘please’everyone I’ve shown it to, only to disappointment myself for about half a million times. I’ve tried to study for the gruesome BMAT (only to find out the time I’ve spent in attending a booster session which costed £150 was a complete waste of time) whilst making sure that I’m not slagging behind everyone else in my A-level study. The occasional break-downs and the panic attack a week prior to my interview- things like these have all left some interesting trails in my monotonous life that’s all about securing a place in medical schools.
Ahem, wait a sec, “medical schools”?! as if getting into ONE is easy?! Okay, I was guilty of this big-headedness until reality hit me hard: don’t pride yourself without seeing the whole picture! With the competition coming from thousands of academic elites across the nation, Know-It-Alls with pages of work experience and the confident aura radiating from postgraduates already with the experience of uni, it now hardly seems possible that I have under my belt the offer from one of the most prestigious uni in the UK: I’M GOING TO IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON.

So this is the start of the medic dream. And now let’s go back to revising for my Biology mock…